Attractions and Places to Visit in Erfurt

Erfurt's many churches, chapels and monasteries have earned the city the nickname "Thuringian Rome." And Erfurt is especially famous for playing a significant role in the life of Martin Luther. In the 16th century, Luther spent six years in Erfurt, first studying at the University of Erfurt then living as a monk in the Augustinian Monastery.

In addition to all these great religious sites, Erfurt boasts a lovely medieval city center, the oldest inhabited bridge in Europe (the Krämerbrucke) and a charming Christmas market. It is no surprise, then, that Erfurt is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination for Germans and non-Germans alike. Yet Erfurt is still much less "touristy" than more famous German cities, so it's a bit quieter and accommodations tend to be more reasonably priced.
Erfurt is dominated by the cathedral and the Church of St. Severus, which stand side-by-side atop a hill called Domberg (“Cathedral Hill”). The cathedral (1154–1476) contains 15th-century glass and numerous notable works of art. Other buildings of note in the city include the Augustinian monastery where Martin Luther was a monk (1505–08), now an orphanage; the Krämerbrücke (“Merchant Bridge”; 1325), lined with houses and shops; the Angermuseum, located in a former custom house of the electorate of Mainz (1705–11), which features Thuringian porcelain and china and paintings by German artists; the palace of the governor of the electorate of Mainz (1711–20); the Teaching Institute (1953–59); and the Medical Academy (1954–59). There is a scientific library containing the Amplonian collection of 1400 and earlier, as well as a library of municipal archives and a natural-history museum. Erfurt also features a municipal zoo. Pop. (2003 est.) 201,645.

Erfurt Cathedral in Erfurt

Erfurt Cathedral

Closely connected to the city and its history, medieval architects have created two churches on the Domberg, which give an eloquent testimony of Gothic church architecture far beyond the borders of Thuringia.
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Kramerbrucke in Erfurt


This historic stone bridge has an entire neighborhood clinging to its sides. When the bridge crossing the Breitstrom, a portion of the Gera River, was first built it was a wooden construction that was prone...
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The Erfurt Synagogue and Treasures in Erfurt

The Erfurt Synagogue and Treasures

Built around 1100, the Erfurt Synagogue is the oldest such building in Europe. Today, this well preserved medieval structure houses the excellent Erfurt Treasure, an extremely rare hoard of coins...
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