Activities and Family Activities in Erfurt

Erfurt’s special atmosphere is also characterised by the many festivities and events held in the inner city. The wine festival, ceramics market, the duck race on the river Gera, the car show "Autofrühling" and the Thuringian "Jazzmeile" jazz festival are major events on Erfurt’s calendar, as are the Merchant‘s Bridge festival (Krämerbrückenfest) and the Erfurt Christmas market, which is one of the most famous in Germany. Visitors from all over the world also flock to the unique annual "Cathedral Steps" festival (DomStufen-Festspiele) held in an impressive setting in front of the cathedral and the Church of St Severus. Rounding off the city’s cultural highlights are Erfurt Theatre with its opera house (which opened in 2003), museums, galleries and cabaret shows.

Fitness and Gyms in Erfurt

Fitness and Gyms

Every body is different and each goal has its own individual path. In this respect, you should check exactly what you do well and what goal you want to achieve. Finally be in shape. It basically applies...
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Tennis Clubs in Erfurt

Tennis Clubs

Tennis is a great sport for all – men and women, young and old. The game can be entertaining and it doesn’t matter if you are a begginer or you have played before. Playing with friends or family is a real joy...
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Wildlife Parks and Zoos

The beautiful nature in Germany is known in the whole world. Erfurt is home to one of the most fascinating parks and gardens you can find. Here, not only the flowers are intriguing – by visiting the wildlife...
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