Local services in Erfurt

Erfurt is an important road and railway junction and a commercial centre, with an airport 3 miles (5 km) northwest. Industries include metalworking and the manufacture of electrical products. Erfurt is also an important centre of high technology within eastern Germany. Known for the cultivation of a wide variety of flowers and vegetables—an industry that originated in the large gardens attached to the monasteries—it exports seeds and processed foods; the city hosts an annual garden show (first held in 1838) and features a gardening museum. Erfurt hosts one of the best shopping centres in Germany, where everything you need can be found in just a few seconds. The dental clinics in the city are very reliable and you can trust the dentists, who work there to make your smile better.

Shopping in Erfurt


Shopping in Erfurt is fun. Its smart pedestrianised areas with their elegant shops, shopping malls, department stores, boutiques, street cafés, restaurants and relaxing leafy areas are ideal for an enjoyable browse.
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Dental Clinics in Erfurt

Dental Clinics

Having the perfect teeth is really important for your lifestyle and going to the dentist is very important. Dental clinics in Erford are equipped with the latest technology and are a reliable source when...
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