Properties for Sale and Rent in Erfurt

Erfurt is ideally situated. There just has to be a city on a spot like this!..." In the 16th century this was the judgement of Martin Luther the great reformer. Discover the proud charming city located at the heart of Europe. Investors will find perfect conditions for establishing their businesses, both in the traditional regions and the many newly developed commercial areas. The city of Erfurt is presently connected to the greater regional street-network through the Autobahn connections Erfurt-West and Erfurt-Ost on the Autobahn A 4 (Eisenach-Dresden), Erfurt-Bindersleben, which is on the south-running A 71 (Erfurt-Arnstadt-Meiningen) and Erfurt-Stotternheim and Erfurt-Nord, which are on the north-running A 71 (Erfurt-Sömmerda). In addition, east of Erfurt, there is a connection to the A 4 called Erfurt-Vieselbach, which connects with the B 7 (Erfurt-Weimar) with the freight and through traffic. One thing is for sure – living in Erfurt is really worth it.


Antaris in Erfurt

We take care of all aspects of the tenants and consider the economy of the property carefully. The care of the real estate is in the foreground.
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asseto in Erfurt

asseto is your real estate agent in Erfurt and surrounding area when it comes to the sale or rental of your property. You want to sell your house? Our real estate agency sells your house, your rental apartment, condominium, villa or commercial property in and around Erfurt competent and professional.
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Schelkmann real estate

Schelkmann real estate in Erfurt

Schelkmann Real Estate is a real estate agency based in Erfurt and stands for expert, serious and committed mediation work. We bring together sellers and buyers, landlords and tenants - for the benefit of all concerned.
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